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Fayetteville, GA
reply to cablejoe

Re: Comcast is using Sandvine to manage P2P Connections

but cable joe....thats not the same....because its not advertised as a 24/7 service....when isp's do advertise 24/7 unlimited service for the whole month....i'm paying for unlimited 24/7 use....that includes if i'm dl/up some video's and there taking several hours,it does'nt matter i'f i'm in front of the pc,in the kitchen,bathroom,or down at barnes and noble,waiting for the dl/up to finish

i make alot of home videos that i would like to share for other family to dl....instead of paying for them to be hosted so someone can dl them[i'm talking 200/or more meg vids]would'nt it be nice to just email everyone with a link to a bit torrent....then they click on it and it opens there p2p....thats easy,and i don't have to be infront of the pc to do it.

this is another reason comcast advertises there powerboost upload .....but somethings you can only use a p2p program....and then comcast goes and stops you from using your payed for speed.

i know comcast and other isp's know that alot of naieve customers don't know when their p2p is still running in the background on there "allways-on" pc but alot of others do....and besides....this is why they should only sell a dl/ul speed to its customers that can run 24/7.

if i want to watch 6 hours or 24 hours a day of comcast cable tv....i still pay the same price.....i know that a network is different....but they should set up the service so it could be run this way...IMO.


Hopewell Junction, NY

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which ISP advertises that? certainly not comcast

if they set it up like that we'd all have 128k/128k connections. i'l stick with what we get now over that.