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Stuart, FL
reply to plat2on1

Re: Comcast is using Sandvine to manage P2P Connections

I never received anything from Comcast when they took over from Adelphia stating that my service would be altered or changed in any way whatsoever, including the ability to receive 24/7 365 service whenever i choose. Since i am paying for the service on a monthly basis i never thought to ask them on what days or hours in those days is it appropriate to expect my service to be fully functional and will be able to have full bandwidth, both up and down, so that i might actually enjoy the time i spend online instead of waiting like i used to on dial-up. I am highly anticipating switching to ( hold on to your undies now) DSL. I never asked to be switched they just came in and starting making changes that i had no choice to agree or not. In this i believe is not a very smart move on their part. As far as this P2P issue is concerned i think that could be a totally new subject matter which should not be discussed here. The issues are not whether or not you get service its the fact they are shackling their customers by limiting our usage.