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This is a sub-selection from Depressing.


Littleton, CO
reply to deadzoned

Re: Depressing. "Oh yes, very!!!"

In 1995 I had SprintION - 10MB SDSL (S=Synchronous, same speed in both directions) and 4 Digital (VoIP) Phonelines for $150 a month and NO service problems for the two years that I had them. At the time Qwest was being a butt and just after the Feds dealt with line sharing. Qwest said no access and Sprint said it would be easier to go away other than fight. So bye, bye. That was about the time that ADSL came out and marketing and pricing took a serious turn and not in the consumers favor. ADSL (A=Asynchronous, different speeds in each direction) was the new and expensive toy on the market and if you want SDSL you have to pay out the . . . . Not to mention speed, that really went to pot. Needless to the term "high Speed" is so generic that you really need to do your homework. It can mean anything from faster than dial-up to really fast. But one casualty has been the T1. It used to be the nomdeplume for "the" premium Internet connection. Today, my ADSL is faster and cheaper. This all has developed only since the providers realized there was a product there that they could really screw us with.