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Always be true to yourself

Boxborough, MA
reply to ToxicDrew

Re: It's a start

I live in Tatnuck Sq in Worceter. It is far from the Ghetto. And yes this was my wife he asked. And she is in no way ghetto in her speech or her appearance. Not to toot my own horn but my house cost me over 375k. I don't live in the ghetto. I grew up in the ghetto, I know where I came. I will never forget. I am white corn bread guy. So yeah, it was Jane Doe soccer Mom. I guess some people can't understand that Charter is this bad. Come to Worcester about 70% of the people here would love to firebomb the local office. I am not the ONLY one who thinks this way. Thanks.

Agreed that Charter in Western Mass is about as bad as it gets.


Spencer, MA
reply to jarablue
Yup, I'll vouch that Tatnuck Sq. in Worcester is decidedly unghetto. Charter is absolutely horrible in this neck of the woods. I keep getting calls from charter installers who have my number mixed up with somebody elses, and yup many of these folks seem to have major trouble mastering the English language. I think the local Charter execs wake up everyday and thank the Good Lord that Verizon is showing no signs of rolling FIOS into much of Central Mass.