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Staten Island, NY

NBC and Popcorn

This has got to be some of the stupidest shit I've ever read.
Thank god for port forwarding.

Columbus, OH
They need to blame all of the various diet plans for people not eating popcorn.

Besides, I always eat popcorn when watching my pirated movies.

Hell, pirating full length movies is a waste of time. It's easier to run down the street (less than a mile) to Blockbuster. They frequently send me $1.99 coupons, and if I have the time to watch more than a couple movies in a given month, I can pay $25 for a movie pass.

Maybe people are going to the theatres less because a sucky rented movie can be fast forwarded through and costs less for both the movie and the snacks. Plus, considering the last few times I went to a theatre, my home sound system is far better and my TV has a clearer picture than the last few theatres I went to. Come to think of it, the last movie I saw in a theatre where the sound system impressed me was T2, and the system I have at home now would even beat that.

The only content of that nature I bother to download is TV shows that I've missed or weren't shown here and that aren't available for me to go rent (or buy at a reasonable price).