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Nashville, TN

Which email client is fastest, and how do I set it up?


I'm setting up a new AT&T DSL account on a low-end computer (550 mhz Pentium III w/ 448 M ram) and I want to find faster, lighter free email client software, rather than using what AT&T/Yahoo provide.

Which might be fastest on this old Windows 98 SE machine? (Evolution, Thunderbird, Mozilla Mail, or some other?)

Also, how do I set it up? It looks like I need to know:
(1) type of server (POP or IMAP)
(2) name of that server
(3) name of outgoing SMTP server
(4) whether it uses secure connection (SSL)
(5) anything else I'm missing?

Thank you for your advice.


Oxford, MI
See that little "FAQ" above your post, it is chock full of information about the ATT DSL service.

»AT&T Midwest/Ameritech FAQ

I guess I would stick with Outlook Express and what ever version of IE runs on 98SE. I have a feeling that latest versions my give you some grief, due to all of the features that added.
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Powell, OH
reply to benali722
said by benali722:

Which might be fastest on this old Windows 98 SE machine? (Evolution, Thunderbird, Mozilla Mail, or some other?)

Well, PC-Pine runs great on Windows 98, but you might want more than just text. So, I would recommend: Eudora 5.2 for Windows 98. After that, it is a toss up between Thunderbird and OE. OE may be faster out of the box, but it is prone to mal-ware exploits and OE is abandon-ware. Thunderbird is the only one of the three still supporting Win98. (Personally, I found Evolution to be slow on a Windows platform, but my experience with it is limited.)


Milwaukee, WI
·AT&T Midwest
·Time Warner Cable
reply to benali722
I am running Thunderbird on a Celeron 433, 98SE, 768 MB RAM, Asus P3BF motherboard.

TBird works just great as long as I compact folders as needed. 768 MB RAM is probably superfluous on this PC, but I had it so I put it in.

My stored mail amounts to 567 MB and TBird doesn't seem to have trouble accessing any of it, going back to 1998.

The FAQ will give you all of the info on configuration.
Find your Lat-Long:


Nashville, TN
reply to benali722
Thank you for the advice.

With the FAQ, I think I can set it up now.

I'll try Eudora and T-Bird, as you suggest.

Thanks again!


Nashville, TN
reply to benali722
Just a follow up--

I installed the $10/month DSL offer, which performs well with my old Pentium-III 550mhz and 448M memory. The old PC can handle the DSL line just fine.

With the FAQs from this board, it was easy to set up email. Upon your suggestions, I tried both Thunderbird and Eudora as email clients, both work fine. I'll probably go with T-Bird as I like its interface best.

Thank you to those who gave me good advice on this board... I couldn't have done it without your help.