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Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK
reply to axus

Re: Love to watch AT&T toss away safe harbor....

said by axus:

Actually they are moving to put in a program to identify "bad" content and filter it, so they are embracing the role of network monitor that comes with dropping network neutrality.

However, you only need to look at China for examples of how clients work around totalitarian systems, and spammers for how servers get around safeguards. Combine this with Americans love for litigation, and ATT is in for some rough times.
Exactly. You can already see the court case where someone is suing because "AT&T let little Jimmy see Porn" and some teary eyed mother is on the stand saying "I thought Little Jimmy was safe on the internet because AT&T is our internet provider and they said they blocked all that nasty-bad porn so I trusted them and now Jimmy is a murdering serial rapist and it's all AT&T's fault!!" etc

I mean, seriously over-dramatized but you get the idea.
"Regulatory capitalism is when companies invest in lawyers, lobbyists, and politicians, instead of plant, people, and customer service." - former FCC Chairman William Kennard (A real FCC Chairman, unlike the current Corporate Spokesperson in the job!)