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Cost, reliability, and IP permanence

On their website, Cyberonic list the prices for their offerings. Is that what they charge (like Covad) or there are some extra fees & taxes tacked to the bill? (like Verizon)

How reliable is their service? When I had Covad a long time ago, I had several nightly outages.

I know that with PPPoE, a new IP is assigned at logon. But can, or do Cyberonic change the IP while the user is connected? I'm asking this because my PC is online nearly 24x7, and in the last couple of years, Verizon occasionally changed the IP while I'm online. Before, I had to spoof MAC to get a new IP, but now my service is MAC locked.


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New York, NY
The prices on the site are exactly what you'd be charged (no taxes, extra monthly fees, etc) though there is typically an installation or activation cost.

Your IP will never change in the middle of a session, and the majority of the services will get you a static IP (the same IP will be obtained with every PPPoA session). I don't know why or how Verizon could change your IP in the middle of a session, but I've never heard of that happening with a Cyberonic connection.
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