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Re: DSL installation explained from start to finis

A couple things to note about the ISP in this situation:

-they make the least money of the three
-they spend the most money on support/CS
-they handle the billing
-they reimburse for outages out of pocket

It's not really the best position to be in, but it's the only direction to go in for now. In some regions, partnering with a reseller is your only choice unless you have enough VC to go and colo at the COs. And if you do that, you also need a VERY good legal team to sue your ILEC occasionally for not giving you what you pay for.

It's all pretty glum, but that's how it is at this point. Line sharing should help things somewhat, in that if the ILEC tries to yank your DSL line for other purposes, they kill their own dialtone as well

It will be interesting when cable plants are opened to competing ISPs...