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Permanent Greeting, part two

said by tmpchaos See Profile, here: »Enter, and sign in please :
I was reminded by one of the mainstays here (hounded for hours, actually) that it's been more than ninety days since the last time we invited the more recent converts to the Cause members to introduce themselves. There are a hell of a lot of 'new' faces around here...about time we got to know all about you.
About time to update this...
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Thanks Steve
said by tmpchaos:

»Enter, and sign in please :

About time to update this...

Talk about way-back . . . . . .

(I have a hard time remembering names from yesterday let alone five years ago.)

. . . still recovering from brain damage . . .

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Pueblo, CO

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reply to tmpchaos
Hello everyone. My name is Robert. I've been hanging around this forum for awhile, since 2001; but it wasn't until a year later that I finally registered and joined this site.

I have been a Mac user since high school, way back in 1990. I have been a Mac user ever since.

My Mac ownership history: PowerBook 145B, PowerMac 6500/225, PowerMac G4/400, and now a Mac Pro 2.66. My wife currently uses a MacBook Pro. Her previous ownership: a MacBook, iBook G4, iBook G3, and Indigo iMac.

I am in the Navy, so far for 14 years. I used to fix and maintain PeeCee's (yuk), so I know PeeCee's. I am currently stationed in Japan, working for the Naval Ship Repair Facility, helping ships fix their radars.

Currently trying to get a MUG started on base, since the Navy Exchange began carrying Macs since March. The Macs have been flying off the shelves.

I've successfully helped convert TWO of my coworkers. They have tasted the Kool-Aid, and love it! (Both bought a MacBook).

Konnichiwa from Yokosuka, Japan!

Security Goddess, retired.
Voorheesville, NY

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reply to tmpchaos
I already talked most of my friends into going Mac, and they're all happy. I've wanted an Apple since 1978, and especially after spending an afternoon playing with the first Mac back in 1984 in a store down in Kingston, NY. However, the demands of my former business kept me from getting one until....

Hi, I'm Nancy McAleavey, former CEO of Privacy Software, the people who invented anticookie software. In March I sold the company. Ten years with the PeeCees was enough. I went and got a kickass MacPro, and a laptop to match .... a MacbookPro 17".

I'm now getting into freelance design, graphics and animation along with whatever else comes along. The goal is to have enough coming in so I can paint close to full time again.

Thanks for re-igniting this thread. I had tried to answer the original some time ago, but it wouldn't let me.

EDIT: Got the MacBook Pro.
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Corona, CA

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reply to tmpchaos
After 25 years of Microsoft use (starting with Extended Color BASIC for the CoCo I, 11th birthday gift in 1982) I drank of the Kool-Aid in 2005 when browsing a Best Buy. They had the Mac mini on display and I was interested in seeing what the OS X 'crapple' hype was all about. For $599 it gave me the opportunity without breaking the bank. After a few days of tinkering I started to get used to it and really liked it.

That original 1.42GHz G4 which is now on my garage workbench was followed up by a very used G4 450 Sawtooth which was eventually upgraded to a dual 1.8 G4 with a 9800 Pro. That was followed by a pair of G3 iBooks, one of which, a 900MHz 12", I still have and is one of my favs to use. Then came a MacBook that I later replaced with a MacBook Pro. Parting with the Sawtooth opened the door to a 3GHz Mac Pro (for the office), followed by a 2GHz Mac Pro (for home). And to the collection I've added 2 more Mac minis, a 30GB video iPod, ATV and most recently an 8GB iPhone.

I'm spreading the love too. My 500GHz G3 iBook I gave to my brother who is a die hard PC guy. And my 1.2GHz mini I gave to my 'no-tech' mom who refused to learn how to use a computer because Windows was so frustratingly lame. Having a Mac has changed her whole perspective on computers.

My day job is a machine shop owner where I design and make ultra-precision (0.000015" Tol) carbide cold header tooling for the electronics, aerospace and medical fastener industries and chances are the Torx fasteners in your MacBook hard drives were made by Camcar-Textron with my carbide tools. Of course Macs work great at 'the shop' with VersaCAD, VectorWorks, TurboCAD, ARD, Quickbooks Pro, MS Office Mac and FIleMaker. I'm even using Aperture to touch up pics taken with my metallograph.

I still have a few Pee Cees, but I'm never buying a new one.
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Willoughby, OH

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Hi, I'm Mladen. Last year my wife and I visited her cousin in Texas. Her cousin's husband is a Graphic Designer and has been using Mac's all his life. I fell in love with his Powerbook and ended up ordering a Macbook Pro while in Texas. A few months later got a Mac Mini. Just a few weeks ago I got rid of all but one pc and am saving up for a Mac Pro. There is no looking back .
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Glastonbury, CT

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reply to tmpchaos
Hi, my name is Chris. I've been using Macs for about a year and a half. I started with an iBook which I still use and bought a 20" Intel iMac about a year ago. In between I ended up buying an Airport Express and an 30GB iPod. I'm pretty happy overall with Apple products so far and I'm now thinking about a MacBook or MacBook Pro. (I hope the wife doesn't see this )
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Hollywood, FL

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reply to tmpchaos
Hi everyone, I'm Mike. I started using Macs around 2002ish because I borrowed a friend's iBook and liked what I saw. I soon got my very own iBook and that soon became a G5, iPhone, iPod nano and Powerbook... so yeah, it hooked me. I like how easy it is to get work done on the platform, and it doesn't hurt that I can play World of Warcraft too .

Depending on what the new iMacs look like, my next desktop will be one of those or a Mac Pro. As for laptops, I'm dying for a new 12" version of something, but more than likely a MacBook Pro, some day.

Raleigh, NC
reply to tmpchaos
Hello to all. My name is Starr. I bought a MacBook almost a year ago to try to understand the platform more, to be more helpful for my father. He wound up with a G4 to work with photos and video several years ago. He got sick of his WebTV and hauled off an bought a Dell Laptop to enjoy arm-chair surfing. I helped him network all his together to share printers and such.

I've been around Windows almost exclusively and MS-DOS machines even earlier than that. I maintain 12 Win98 boxes and an NT4 file server at my office. I've added a Mini at home, hopefully to integrate into my TV viewing, but still have two other XP laptops at home. One web-based software I use will only work with the IE. I'm also an authorized field service technician for a manufacturer we represent at the office, who has no hardware or software support for Apple. So I'll be a cross platform user for a long time to come.

I'm happy to keep Windows off my Mac's and truly enjoy not having to worry about virus updates and spyware and the like invading my Apple machines.
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Jamestown, NY
reply to tmpchaos
It all started in early 1998, when my family ordered one of the first iMac's. We had a PC built from spare parts years earlier, but it quickly died -- the iMac was the first "real" computer we had in the house.

I had used Mac's in school before this, but they seemed ancient. Color didn't exist, and I was lucky if it wasn't monochrome. Fantastic school budgets.

Since the first iMac arrived, we've always had a Mac in the house. Things went down hill when I became interested in Computer Science in 2000 and needed a PC to play games... when I wasn't fixing it. I was more impressed with Windows 2000 and XP than I had been with Mac OS 8 and I wanted to play PC games... it seemed like the right thing to do.

Then came OS X, and I found myself impressed. We got an iBook G4, and I enjoyed working with it when I could. I didn't start looking into getting a Mac of my own until I changed my major from Computer Science to Graphic Design, though.

School came and went, and I still had no Mac. A few short weeks after my graduation in April, I found myself with a well-paying job and few expenses... so I saved my pennies.

My 17" Built to Order MacBook Pro arrived July 24th. I've been very happy with it, and it's refreshing to sit down in front of after working with Windows most of the day -- though I'm also one of the few users of Mac's in the office.
The Apple is yummy.

San Diego, CA
reply to tmpchaos
Big waves and hi hi to everyone. I am not sure I if I ever introduced myself either but I have been poking in and out of here for the last 3 or so years. I have been using the site probably since 1998 or 1999. My name is Jason and I am 30. I have been using Macs full time for about three years now. The mac platform has allowed me to become more creative. It's opened the world of music to me with it's capabilities and add ons.
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Phoenix, AZ

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reply to tmpchaos
Hi guys, my name is Josh and I'm one of the youngest members here, only 17 years old. I have been using a Mac as my primary computer since Febuary of '07. I am a little late to the game, but loving every minute of Mac OS X. I no longer have a PC in the house even, as my parents have switched to Mac as well, so now, we are an all mac household, and proud to be one .

I am a proud owner of a 17" MacBook Pro hooked up to a 23" Widescreen for when I am at my desk.
I also own a 30GB 5.5G video iPod as well as an AirPort Extreme for my wireless network.

I don't have a cool job like the rest of you, but I do fix other people's Macs on the side. I do not do PCs because then I would need anger management classes

I grew up on macs as my old elementary school had those old Macs with Oregon Trail etc. .

Joshua| About Me

Frisco, TX

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reply to tmpchaos
Hello Macheads, I'm the newest Machead George. Picked up my Macbook Black last night and will officially join the club tomorrow night when I'm off work and have 4 days off.

I've messed with computers since 83 working with Commodore Vic-20/64, Tandy 1000TX, worked with Windows 3.1 at work (My first experience in Windows)/95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP and since 2001 I've worked off and on with Linux running at one time Red Hat/Fedora, Ubuntu and Suse (My preference).

When I looked for laptops this weekend several thoughts were in my head: 1) Vista scared the crap out of me, I had a bad feeling about DRM/WGA and where they were headed in the future 2) My wife fell in love with the iMac, we almost purchased that instead and 3) PhoenixAZ can probably relate to this - the majority of people who were playing around with the Macs were younger people, i.e. future generations are already embracing Macs whereas older PC persons (I'm 36) were still unsure. Since it reminded me of Linux I liked it, wife thought it looked cute = Sold

I've also sent an e-mail to FakeSteveJobs notifying him that I'm now a Mac, if I'm lucky he'll reward me with a fake iphone to go with my Macbook


Corpus Christi, TX

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reply to tmpchaos
Hello, I've been lurking for a long time now, sitting on the fence about whether I should get some sort of Mac or not. The free ipod/printer with a Mac purchase lured me in. I figured since I was looking for a new notebook, I might as well take the plunge.

Been happy with my purchase, which was the MacBook. It's a lot smaller than my last notebook, but that's exactly what I was looking for. I sent off the rebate forms and they were swiftly processed and sent out to me.

So far, so good. The OS did not take me as long to get used to as I thought it might and now when I switch over to my daughters pc I find myself trying Mac shortcuts. I foresee more for me from Apple.

I'll go back to mostly lurking now, so cheers!

Lovin' My Firefox
Puyallup, WA
reply to tmpchaos
This thread is so un-PC!

Lake Worth, FL
reply to tmpchaos
Hello... My name is Jeff, and I am a recovering
Windows user.

Just ordered My first Mac Should Be here Hopefully In A week Glad To Join the Mac Club
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

Ah humanity

New York, NY
reply to tmpchaos
My first Mac was a IIsi that I got in 1990. It had 4mb of ram and a 40mb hard drive and cost over $2000. Since then I've had a IIci, PPC 6100, PB 1400 and 2 Blue&White G3s. I don't want to jinx myself, but none of them ever had a mechanical problem. All worked until they merely got too old and under-powered. I always treated them nice.

Currently I'm using a G4 dual 500ghz processor, an aluminum PB 13" and a G5 tower. There's also a white eMac for my daughter. (Maybe Santa will bring a 17" Intel laptop)

I work in arts education and use both Windows and Mac. Definitely a happy Mac user, but enjoy (and respect!) the other platforms. What really matters are the people using them, their ideas and creativity. I've followed DSLReports for some years now and am always inspired by the energy of this community. Great to be here. Hope to be able to contribute a little something.

East Elmhurst, NY
reply to tmpchaos
Howdy All,
My name's Jon. I've dropped into this forum from time to time, but haven't spent too much time here. I've been on DSLR for awhile now, but mostly spend my time in just a couple forums here and there.

Anyhoo, I've been a Mac user since college (sometime back in the late 80s, I guess... ouch...) For the most part, my experience was all with OS 7, until 8 came out and things got really exciting! The first mac I owned outright was a Mac II, which I upgraded to a IIfx, or something along those lines. I used about every model available from 1987 into the mid-90s, though. My roommate spent 10 grand on a sweet Quadra with a whopping 500MB hard drive! I still support my dad's 9600, now running 0S 9, and the upgraded G4 I gave him that runs 10.4.

I don't use a Mac much at home, though I do have 2 G4s I'm rebuilding right now. I may keep one and give the other to my brother. At work, I'm a senior Windows SysAdmin running around 80 servers, and I just took over the Mac admin side when our Mac genius got fed up and left! We have 8 xserves, all with Xserve RAIDs attached, and about 250-300 Mac clients. Mostly Win clients, though - around 600 I think.

Under my desk at work, aside from a few PCs, I have these currently:
1. dual 2.6 GHz Xeon w/3gb RAM OS X 10.4
2. dual 2 GHz G5 w/1.5gb RAM OS X 10.4

I also have a small lab for testing, with a few Mac Pros/G5s. I'm running 10.4 on everything (a few 10.3 need to be upgraded). Just testing Leopard, too - we're not quite ready to roll that out!

Oh yeah, I won an iPod a year ago or so - but I traded it in to Best Buy for a digital camera... sorry!

I've got lots to learn, so I hope to be spending more time in here.


reply to tmpchaos
» is my old home... its a little prettier. I am thinking about moving, so I thought I would say hi!

HI. I am an active member in the mac community like all mac boards, I am sure I will feel at home here too!

Thanks Steve

Hi Juniper,

We welcome active members of the Mac community to our small part of the net.

. . . I want to be a vegetable when I grow up . . .

reply to tmpchaos

my name is frank,

i've been a member of this forum for a while, i started out with an ibook g3 but then went back to pc land for a bit during the days of g4 and g5. I'm now typing this on the macbook air i just purchased.
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reply to tmpchaos
I suppose it is time to break down and announce the new addition to my machines....
I was able to purchase a 15" 2.4 Core2Duo MacBook Pro about 2 weeks ago. I'm running an XP partition through Boot Camp/Parallels to run a couple of apps for work, but I've mostly been spending time in the new (to me) OS X Leopard experience. I had a little experience with Tiger on an old iMac, but its HD died before I could really learn a lot.
This is my new project and my new work machine. I absolutely love it. I've been lucky to have worked with many different Apple's/Mac's, but now I have one that is MINE.
(Thanks, Boss!)
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West Brookfield, MA
reply to tmpchaos
Hello All,

I'm not new to DSLR by a long shot (on 4/13 it will be 8 full years) but I am new to Macs. I've always wanted a Mac but they were always too expensive. I thought for a while about getting a Mini but decided on a 20" iMac 2.0 GHz. Bought 4 GB of RAM (not from Apple!) and I'm very happy. Updated to 10.5.2 hours after it came out and that went very smoothly.

I've never been a big forum poster (once upon a time in VoIP) but I'm here all the time. Good idea for a thread. See you all around.


OT Queen
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Hi everyone! My name is trouble. Oh wait, that's just the Chaotic One's nickname for me! Laura.

First time Mac user/owner. Just bought myself an iMac (sweet)!!

I have been playing around with the programs applications (Numbers, etc.) and I must say, very nice.

I am sure you all will be hearing from me from time to time. Heck, I even have my Dad pricing iMac's now.

Off to bug and harass members work!!

"Warms my blood to see you all gathered plotting against me."
"She has no respect for anything..." ~Queen of the Damned

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San Clemente, CA
reply to tmpchaos
Ok. Here I am.

After many many many years and countless PCs I switched. Just plugged in my new iMac 24 and it's all networked and sharing files with my PC. How painless was that? Working on getting things transferred over. ....and I'm loving it! I'm sure I"ll all sorts of newbie type questions - just have patience with me.

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reply to tmpchaos
Hi There,

My name is Pat. I got my first Mac at the end of January, a 24 inch iMac. I have Fusion and XP on it just to run Quicken and use the Mac side for everything else. I've learned a lot lurking this forum.
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Euless, TX
reply to tmpchaos
My wife also got a mac about 6 months ago, and I was tired of her asking me questions, and not being able to answer them.. and sides that she loved it..

I thought that I would give it a whirl.. having a few issues.. but google has been a good friend..

So I will be bonding with my new Macbook..
Now if I can just figure out how to get time machine to work with my external drive that is NTFS

Algonquin, IL
reply to tmpchaos
My name is...uh...Dennis. Just bought a used iMac (from here no less) for the wife to use downstairs during the day while with the little minion.

Been a long time since I touched a mac (last time was a G3 back in 2k w/ OS9) so expect lots of dumb questions.
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reply to tmpchaos
Was I supposed to post here? Tommy here, not an Apple convert but did buy a new iMac late last year. Was never really impressed with Apple since I'm a gamer but when I saw how simple it was to hook up my video cam, import the home movies and burn to DVD, I was sold. I mostly use it side by side with my my PC and I have gotten to the point where they quite complement each other. One is never running without the other one running too. Now using it for all of my photos (although I'm not crazy about iPhoto importing) videos and music. Still use the PC for tag editing on mp3's and for mp3 storage but thats just my preference.

Original Member

Birmingham, AL
reply to tmpchaos
I just purchased my first new iMac machine about a month ago. I've been using ibm compatibles since the early 1980s.

I have an obsolete computer museum in a spare bedroom upstairs that begins with an Epson QX 10.

I decided to make the switch to Mac for several reasons. One, my sister (a macGenius in Seattle) got me a 15% discount. Two, I've tried Windows Vista, Three and most importantly, I just got through dealing with a mutated virus on a WinXp machine with the latest virus protection (it only took about 2 months to get rid of).

I'm still the person all my friends and family who own ibm compatible machines call when there's a problem with a machine and my husband has a WinXP machine sitting right next to my Mac.

I'm just learning my way around the Mac and I'm enjoying it but feel like a kindergardener as of yet.
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