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8-bit Fun
Corona, CA

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Re: Permanent Greeting, part two

After 25 years of Microsoft use (starting with Extended Color BASIC for the CoCo I, 11th birthday gift in 1982) I drank of the Kool-Aid in 2005 when browsing a Best Buy. They had the Mac mini on display and I was interested in seeing what the OS X 'crapple' hype was all about. For $599 it gave me the opportunity without breaking the bank. After a few days of tinkering I started to get used to it and really liked it.

That original 1.42GHz G4 which is now on my garage workbench was followed up by a very used G4 450 Sawtooth which was eventually upgraded to a dual 1.8 G4 with a 9800 Pro. That was followed by a pair of G3 iBooks, one of which, a 900MHz 12", I still have and is one of my favs to use. Then came a MacBook that I later replaced with a MacBook Pro. Parting with the Sawtooth opened the door to a 3GHz Mac Pro (for the office), followed by a 2GHz Mac Pro (for home). And to the collection I've added 2 more Mac minis, a 30GB video iPod, ATV and most recently an 8GB iPhone.

I'm spreading the love too. My 500GHz G3 iBook I gave to my brother who is a die hard PC guy. And my 1.2GHz mini I gave to my 'no-tech' mom who refused to learn how to use a computer because Windows was so frustratingly lame. Having a Mac has changed her whole perspective on computers.

My day job is a machine shop owner where I design and make ultra-precision (0.000015" Tol) carbide cold header tooling for the electronics, aerospace and medical fastener industries and chances are the Torx fasteners in your MacBook hard drives were made by Camcar-Textron with my carbide tools. Of course Macs work great at 'the shop' with VersaCAD, VectorWorks, TurboCAD, ARD, Quickbooks Pro, MS Office Mac and FIleMaker. I'm even using Aperture to touch up pics taken with my metallograph.

I still have a few Pee Cees, but I'm never buying a new one.
Macintosh Users Group Serving the Inland Empire

Nisam Ti Dude
Willoughby, OH

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Hi, I'm Mladen. Last year my wife and I visited her cousin in Texas. Her cousin's husband is a Graphic Designer and has been using Mac's all his life. I fell in love with his Powerbook and ended up ordering a Macbook Pro while in Texas. A few months later got a Mac Mini. Just a few weeks ago I got rid of all but one pc and am saving up for a Mac Pro. There is no looking back .
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