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Oceanside, CA

Getting out of early disconnect fee

My local cable provider, Cox, is offering a "business" cable line, 12mbps/1.5mbps for only $5 more than I'm currently paying for my Speakeasy 6mbps/768kbps line. I really want to switch, but Speakeasy wants $300 from me. Forget the fact that I've been a customer of theirs for seven years now, paying them at least $110 a month. That's almost ten thousand dollars. It means nothing.

Is there any stinkin' way to get out of the fee? I've tried to negotiate with Speakeasy, to get them to offer me a discount, but the most they were able to do was like $5 less a month...



Caldwell, NJ
Why would SE want a cancellation fee if you have been with them for 7 years? You shouldn't be under any contract unless you signed up for something with them for a promotion or something.


Oceanside, CA
I moved in March of this year, and had to "restart" my contract with them at the new location (in the same city.)

Aw Man
Annapolis, MD
·Verizon FiOS
reply to sh10151
Most ISPs will drop you if you break their TOS. I got a warning about being dropped when they got a letter from HBO that someone on my IPs was downloading movies via BitTorrent. There are a few things that can get you booted, though I'm not sure which could be followed up with more drastic action... Either way, if SE drops you, no direct termination fees that I've heard of...
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Irvine, CA

1 recommendation

Now that Speakeasy has been moving away from their home users for awhile it seems that they're much less willing to give out discounts anymore. However, they've also gotten more strict on bandwidth and as a result they will cancel your service if you use an excessive amount of bandwidth over an extended period. I guess your best bet would be to get an unlimited newsgroups account and start downloading whatever your heart desires.