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AT&T/BellSouth merger and DSL products.

ATT&T has absorbed BellSouth.
The BellSouth DSL product, FastAccess, has more options than AT&T's DSL products.
FastAccess products are also priced much lower than AT&T's DSL products.

Will AT&T eliminate the FastAccess product?
Will AT&T offer FastAccess products to the Midwest?
Will AT&T raise the prices for FastAccess products?
Will AT&T lower the prices for their DSL products?
Will nothing change?

Please do NOT respond if this post when it is more than one month old.

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Which AT&T DSL product? There are two:

AT&T Worldnet DSL, which is not as fast, or inexpensive as Bellsouth FastAccess.

at&t Yahoo! HSI, which has comparable speed tiers to Bellsouth FastAccess, and at a lower price.

AT&T Worldnet DSL Service came with the AT&T brand when SBC bought AT&T. It is, primarily, a CLEC service, often served up over Covad lines.

at&t Yahoo! HSI was, originally, SBC Yahoo! DSL Service; renamed when the company was rebranded from SBC to AT&T. It is an ILEC service, similar to Bellsouth.

Considering that SBC was formed by the purchase of Ameritech, Pacific Telesis, Southern New England Telephone Company, and Prodigy by Southwestern Bell Telephone Company; and that all of those service products were unified under SWBT guidelines (SWBT also rebranded to SBC), my guess it that AT&T Worldnet will continue to be offered where AT&T is not an ILEC, but at&t Yahoo! HSI will be extended into Bellsouth as a replacement to FastAccess.
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