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Moon Dust High
Jamestown, NY
reply to tmpchaos

Re: Permanent Greeting, part two

It all started in early 1998, when my family ordered one of the first iMac's. We had a PC built from spare parts years earlier, but it quickly died -- the iMac was the first "real" computer we had in the house.

I had used Mac's in school before this, but they seemed ancient. Color didn't exist, and I was lucky if it wasn't monochrome. Fantastic school budgets.

Since the first iMac arrived, we've always had a Mac in the house. Things went down hill when I became interested in Computer Science in 2000 and needed a PC to play games... when I wasn't fixing it. I was more impressed with Windows 2000 and XP than I had been with Mac OS 8 and I wanted to play PC games... it seemed like the right thing to do.

Then came OS X, and I found myself impressed. We got an iBook G4, and I enjoyed working with it when I could. I didn't start looking into getting a Mac of my own until I changed my major from Computer Science to Graphic Design, though.

School came and went, and I still had no Mac. A few short weeks after my graduation in April, I found myself with a well-paying job and few expenses... so I saved my pennies.

My 17" Built to Order MacBook Pro arrived July 24th. I've been very happy with it, and it's refreshing to sit down in front of after working with Windows most of the day -- though I'm also one of the few users of Mac's in the office.
The Apple is yummy.