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Does Comcast have GOL TV

I can't find this channel in any package. They have only Fox Soccer Channel


Plymouth, MI

Yes they do. FSC and GolTV are part of the same package.



Which is this package, and how much is it

Comcast of Ocean County

Brick, NJ

The Sports Entertainment package has GOL TV. The price for it varies by area.



OK, but today I called Comcast and they told me that they don't have GOL TV in the sport package. They have only fox soccer channel

RIP Analog Go Digital

Woodbridge, NJ

in my system(Comcast of NJ II-Union/Verona), they do carry GolTv, channel 268.

Do you subscribe to Comcast now? If so, and if you have a Digital Box, check the channel # for Fox Soccer Channel, GolTv # should be near it.



I live in Seattle area and maybe they don't carry GOL TV for this area. They will come to install digital TV on Thursday and I will check then


San Jose, CA
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what really sucks is they dont carry setenta sports.
I kept DTV just for this channel. Rugby, Aussie rules footbal, hurling, EPL, serie A etc.

Seems US cable providers are missing this market. I know lots of people who stay with SAT because of all the soccer and international sports offered by Sat. We got Comcast for the ondemand for our child. That is definetly the huge plus of cable. All his kiddie shows at few clicks.


Olathe, KS
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Have you checked your Comcast Lineup Online yet to see if it has it?

Resident Duh-Huh Member

Panama City, FL

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said by Mgsports:

Have you checked your Comcast Lineup Online yet to see if it has it?
I know this was not directed at me but to comment, my online lineup has only been updated once since the 1st of the year. It's pretty worthless considering our lineup has been added to three times and rearranged once.

But, we had a sports tier added here last month (never had one before) and GOL was a part of it as was the 3 FOX Sports, NBA, NFL, & Fox Soccer

Sports Tier Channel Lineup Locally for me
723 FCS: Atlantic
724 FCS: Central
725 FCS: Pacific
726 ESPN Classic
728 Fox Soccer Channel
729 GolTV
734 NBA TV
736 NFL Network
737 The Tennis Channel
738 The Sportsman Channel

Locally it's $4.95. Knology's sports tier does not have ESPN Classic, GOL or NBA but they do have Fuse & CSTV along with all the others for $2.95 With them, NFL is part of the digital tier but they did not show the primetime games last year.

Reading, PA
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I get Gol TV in the 200's. Like Ch 268 or something (can't remember exactly). It's the only channel that appears on screen by drawing blocks. Whenever I tune the channel it kinda fades in like an old school digital mosaic. All the other channels just appear.

I remember when digital cable first came out years ago most all of the channels did this.

Something about not enough I or B frames in the MPEG stream? I forget.


Eatontown, NJ
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GOL-TV is available on some Comcast systems, not available on others...

It is probably due to two main factors:

1. Systems that are now Comcast but were not so long ago something else (TWC, Adelphia, etc.) may have contracts in place to carry certain channels and not others..

2. The marketers in each area determines if carrying the station will be beneficial in increasing sales of the package it is in.

When I had Comcast, GOLTV was part of my Sports Pack.

My parents, who live in South Florida (where GOLTV originates from), and have had their system migrate from Adelphia to Comcast now have what is called a Sports and Entertainment pack...Fox Soccer Channel is on it (and also available just by having Digital Classic), but not GOLTV. It is available in Spanish only on the Spanish language tier.

The marketers probably figured that in NJ, soccer is a popular sport even on the high school level, but in South Florida, they must figure that while Hispanics want soccer, the rest of the population prefers Football and NASCAR. Hence, no GOLTV on that tier.

It's a shame, because my father watches FSC more than any other channel, and I was sure that GOLTV would be one of the stations added when Adelphia became Comcast.


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Comcast in Seatle does not currently offer the GolTV channel. There is VERY limited programming from GolTV offered through on demand under the sports and fitness category. I just moved here and am very dissapointed. Hopefully they'll add the channel very soon cause I might have to go buy a slingbox!!



how do you know that they'll add GOL TV very soon


Olathe, KS
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The Sportsmens Channel is like the Outdoors Channel and I had it when I had Charter in Camdenton,MO. I hope other Comcast add it.
You can get GOLTV on S. Dish.
Some of your Sports Channels are on different numbers then everybody elses.
Comcast needs to add TVG,More Comcast Sportsnets,Regional Sports Package and so on.


Verona, NJ
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If they really cared about about Soccer fans then they'd carry TYC out of Argentina.
Comcast of NJ II - Union/Verona

digital is here
New York, NY
reply to Mgsports

Comcast does have TVG, at least over here in New Jersey. Also, they carry all New York RSN's here (only YES in full-time HD).