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Tarboro, NC

Suddenlink High Speed Internet bandwidth

I hope Suddenlink will go ahead and upgrade the bandwidth to 10 or 12 Mbps download speed I really need it. I live in Tarboro NC I do alot of downloading of large files and video streaming online videos that needs more than 5Mbps/down so please someone let me know whats going on. I wish Suddenlink would come out with 15Mbps/down 2Mbps/Up which would be really nicer than 12Mbps/download

Someone please let me know something thanks.


Need for Speed
Winterville, NC
15/2 would be nice, but I could live with 10/2..

From all the buzz I have been hearing, it doesn't look like we will be seeing 2 up any time soon. As far as I can tell, it's not even on the radar. 1.5 up might be... but might is a very big word at this point..
Give me bandwidth or give me death!


Tarboro, NC
Have you heard anything else about releaseing the 10Mbps/down yet? I want it soon as possiable. I can use that speed wish it was 15Mbps down.


Parkersburg, WV
said by jeremy27886:

Have you heard anything else about releaseing the 10Mbps/down yet? I want it soon as possiable.
End of this month is what my Suddenlink CSR told me.


Tarboro, NC
Thanks alot everyone but keep me posted of new speeds and upgrades coming out this month.

El Loco

Greenville, NC
reply to gatorkram
Any word yet Gator about when the new speed is going to be available? Have you talked to any Suddenlink reps or CSR at the call center or what not to see when it's going to happen? And it's still free right.. the upgrade aswell as we don't have to call in to the call center inorder to upgrade our speed.. is that correct? Please keep me and everyone else in the Greenville/Eastern North Carolina area heads up. Thanks man...



Greenville, NC
reply to jeremy27886
I called and spoke with one of the CSRs this week.

She said that she wasn't supposed to tell anyone but it's (the premier package) going up to 9 mbs.

Not sure where all this talk of 10 & 12 is coming from. I wish it would jump that high but I don't the network in Greenville could handle it. And without any real competition Suddenlink won't upgrade.


Tarboro, NC
Thanks Shelby for the info but I heard about the 10Mbps/downlod and 1Mbps/Upload from the office in the Greenville calling Center that told me that they was going to do it in Auguest. I wish they hurry up it would be so nice to have faster speeds the better. Suddenlink if you are listening to these forums you see how many people wants these speeds and make it happen people from embarq dsl might join because of the faster speeds that embarq doesn't offer I have friends that works for embarq they said they wil always stay at 5Mbps/down and 768/Upload that they will never upgrade there speeds so this would be a great thing to do to comepte with embarq dsl si suddenlink make it happen!


Tarboro, NC
Anyone knows any more info about the speeds changeing please share it with us and again thanks for that info shelby. I am only 35 minutes from greenville. Thanks alot everyone for posting your info.