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Re: New service - FTTF

In some states, like CA, simply sitting in the driver's seat, even with the keys on the dash, not the ignition, is grounds for a DUI.

Source: Sacramento PD, CHP, ABC.
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Winter Park, FL
In Jacksonville Florida, my roommate was in a pickup truck, in the middle seat, the driver was inside a Walgreens, roommate was sleeping in the middle seat and had been drinking, cop pulls up because the truck was still running. The person in the store did not have a license. The cop charges my roommate with DUI even after the person that was inside the store signed a affidavit stating they were the one driving. It was because my roommate had a valid drivers license that he got the DUI. When the cop approached the vehicle, my roommate was asleep, and the cop woke him up, and seen he was in the middle seat and everything. So far, he has paid close to $9,000 in fee's, fines, and DUI classes, and also had 40 hours of community service. IT CAN HAPPEN!