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Sterling Heights, MI

Why are they not picking on VCR users?

I hear a lot of the suits complaining about people skipping commercials and time shiffting with DVR's. But how come they never mention "VCR's" as well?

When you get down to the basics, the two devices are the samething but they never mention VCR's.


DVR's are much easier to setup to record than a VCR, this is obviously why they don't worry.

You can't set a VCR to record for a week or 2 worth of shows without changing the tape. Can't really do this on vacation without more than one VCR, which is annoying.

Fast forwarding through commercials is very high speed on a DVR, and not as annoying to rewind if you miss the start of the show after commercial.

DVR's are easy enough, that when people get used to them, they record a lot more than they did on a VCR.

The people that record this much on VCR's and are used to the annoyances are few and far between.

After using DVR's for the last 7 years, I'd never record TV with a VCR again, I'd rather just miss the show.

Not to mention, HD VCR's and HD tapes are expensive and hard to find, and just as annoying.


Ontario, CA
reply to Jwobot

I watched the entire final round of the 89th PGA Championship in less than one hour. (That's almost SIX HOURS worth of programming in less than 1 hour!!!)

I was pressed for time between appointments & managed to watch Tiger win & pretty much catch his entire play time in the round & even the end holding up the trophy & shots of his wife & the baby.

THAT paid for DVR all by itself!!

If they take DVR's away, I may just make the whole friggin' TV go away...........PERIOD!

My views are my own.
reply to smcallah
You forgot and over looked the most obvious reason... because when it's digital and hooked into a network, they put their grubby little hands on the device. To date, a VCR is not something they can control.

I will GLADLY spend what ever it takes the day that someone comes out with a DVR which is basically a VCR with out tapes. I don't want a guide that is mandatory, I don't want a monthly fee that is required to even view content I already recorded, and I don't want someone else telling me how I can use and view my content.

The courts have already ruled over and over at every new piece of video viewing technology that people have the fair right to record and use content and always ruled against Hollywood. There was the Beta, the VHS, Laser Disc, DVD, and they lost all of the battles.. Now, they have their hands on the DVR yet no one is looking?

Take Discovery Channel. They can flag the digital version of that network but not analog. As far as I am concerned, its the same program, different delivery.

The current administration sure has made it obvious where their priorities are.

Time to fire them all and set America back on track.

I'm surprised there's not a "hand off my DVR grass roots campaign" already started.
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