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This is a sub-selection from The other side of ad-skipping

TV Worker

reply to ElJay

Re: The other side of ad-skipping

Hey BIGHUSKER and eljay001, after re-reading my post, it may sound as if I'm bitter, in fact, I'm not. This is the natural course of events and has happened to many industries. Without commercial-skipping disabled, the DVR and network/cable model is not likely to last long. In its place will be things like YouTube and Apple TV (direct download). My guess is that iTunes will eventually offer free TV shows with embedded commercials that can't be skipped, giving you the choice to pay for the show without commercials or watch the show for free with. Network and cable shows probably can't exist in its current form if large amounts of people skip commercials. Rating systems are being changed to measure viewing of the commercials, in addition the show itself. Ad spending is jumping to the internet in a big way. And as the audiences go from mass-size to niche size, the amount of big scale shows and money put into them are sure to decrease, lessing the need for a DVR in the first place.