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Fed Up. Bye.
Atlanta, GA

There is a way

Since viewers are skipping commercials, content producers have done the following:

1. Every "guest" on talk shows is there to hawk a book or other product - i.e. instead of the show paying the guest to appear, the guest pays the show to plug the book or concert tour or record.

2. Every "segment" of Today, GMA, and even news shows is really an advertisement for some product or service. Cooking segments are ads for the restaurant or book or cooking school or some ingredient.

3. Produced dramas are replaced by "reality" because it is cheaper not to have to hire actors. Situation comedies are completely gone.

4. Many other "reports" or "science news" are nothing more than a plug for some door lock, web site, etc. etc. - you name it.

So -- the payment flow has reversed. How to get it back like it was?

1. The cable companies get our money.
2. The cable companies PAY for the content with our money.
3. We DEMAND good content, so cable cos have to demand it as well.
4. Good content gets produced again.
5. If we pay for cable, then cable needs to pay for content. Commercials were SUPPOSED to be to support FREE viewing - not PAID-FOR viewing. Now you have commercials in movie theaters where you paid for a freaking ticket!!

What's keeping this from happening? The monopolies of the cable companies. They have no motivation to pay for content - they want to keep airing the commercials so the content providers can get paid that way, instead of the cable company having to pay them for the content.

Nothing will change until viewers demand commercial-free content if they have already paid for it. If the content is to have commercials, then it should be free to the viewer. That was the original idea.
That should be one of the prerequisite's for citizenship, able to take and pass the test fully in English.