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[Newsgroups] Newsgroups How much is too much?

Alright last week i got a call from Comcast and they told me i had to back down on the internet usage last month i did over 400GB newsgroups mostly but i also do things like Vongo,Netflix instant watch they like everyone else i talked to said they could not give me a number now the question i have is that if you monitor your newsgroup access as i do i was wondering if you would post your normal monthly usage here so i can have a figure to go by my month for me it starts counting on the 3erd of every month as already I've done 60.00GB just out of curiosity how much do other using newsgroups use

Mod Note: See also ---> »Comcast High Speed Internet FAQ »Does Comcast have bandwidth use limits?

Saint Paul, MN
it's not just newsgroups-it's the total amount of bandwidth you use in a month-maybe try and stay under 300GB and see what happens-there are programs out there that will monitor how much you download-also, if you have a router, it might have a monitor built in(i think some do, but i'm not totally sure)-hope that helps
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Thanks for the info but i'm wondering how much bandwidth per month people that use Comcast HSI use per month so i can get an idea of what i should try to stay around

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From other threads on the topic, under 300GB is a good target to shoot for. If you already received a letter, probably 200GB, or even 150GB, just for a couple of months, to let any hysteresis effect expire.
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