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Re: Phoenix is indeed a desert

There's nothing stopping another provider from building their network out to you. Network buildout strategy, especially for broadband services, is proprietary information for any company, LEC, CLEC or cable. Why would you expect any company to broadcast their plans to the world so the competition can respond and "beat them to the punch"? When the service is available in your area, I'm sure your service provider will let the entire neighborhood know. You can then come back to the forum and complain about receiving "junk mail" and telemarketing calls from them. Since when is it solely the incumbent providers sole responsibility to build out facilities? What did the other DSL providers tell you when you called them? When did they say they would build broadband capable facilities to your home? What are you so bitter about? You just sound like a complainer who doesn't understand the technology and consequently can't make an informed analysis of the situation. Instead of sitting on your upscale high horse in the yard of your upscale home in your upscale neighborhood, why don't you go learn something about the technology before you attack any company's ability or inability to provide it?