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This is a sub-selection from The Perfect Storm


reply to kapil

Re: The Perfect Storm

said by kapil:

There is no "modem" per se...just an adapter, like a bluetooth or 802.11 adapter.

Sprint has already committed to making the network "portable" and "open"...and I believe them....they're not as maniacal about control as, say, Verizon. Look at the Blackberry 8830 offered by Sprint PCS and Verizon Wireless.... VZW locks down the GSM portion, Sprint leaves it unlocked...different corporate philosophies.

FWIW, DSL and Cable "modems" could also be made smaller and portable, but why bother since the service, naturally, is tied to a wire.
Well, of course, there is a modem per se (as in MODulate and DEModulate), I am speaking technically as an engineer. I am not referring to the physical implementation.

Now there are PCMCIA WiMax cards for laptops. But what about the home desktop? - I have only seen a large discrete modem. And I have not seen any solutions for PDAs except to have integrated WiMax. So you are having to buy some pieces of HW to do what you suggest. And AFAIK, you are not going to be able to carry around a single small adapter that will work on all three devices.

And what I was most wondering about - how will one seamlessly go from PDA, to laptop, to desktop and be quickly authenticated on the ZOHM network? All of the use scenarios that I have seen have suggested that a user can have a single laptop or a single PDA like device.

Yes Sprint is more "open", but exactly how are they going to let users go from device to device to device as you suggested? There is no equivalent to a GSM SIM card AFAIK.