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Re: How to test how many connections are being reset by RST pack

Anime fansub "H2" has been running for the last 38 hrs., 10 mins. Only 67.3% complete. Connected to 22 peers, 4 seeds. Running at 23KBps down.

Anime fansub "Zombie Loan" is complete, but share ratio is at .886. Took 1 hr., 13 mins. to download 171.49 MBytes. Currently connected to 33 peers.

In that same 38 hour period I have downloaded probably 6, or 7 other shows at ~171MBytes each. Two, or three completed in under 20 minutes.

The box was rebooted some time before I started downloading "H2", which is a 41 episode series; 9,488.64 MBytes for the whole shebang.

The combined upload is roughly 43KBps; which, I think, is about right for a 512kbps DSL upload (512*.85/8?) The SpeedStream 4100 reportedly has a built-in QoS priority for outbound ACK packets, so saturating the upload has minimal impact on download.

I have no idea why so many resets.

Not counting stuff happening on the LAN, of course. A mail server running on another computer, with twice daily access from this one. Web surfing. Email testing to off-site servers for helping poster in Usenet groups. Downloading Usenet headers...
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