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Alrighty Then
Ballwin, MO

This is just too funny!

This is the funniest news article I have read in a long time. I'm from St. Louis as well. I'm sure that they investigated every aspect of this project, making sure they had an easy/good/stable source of electricity, and that they probably test ran at least 1 AP for a few days. Don't you see? This is what happened.....

The tech is on the phone with the main office.... "Hey Henry! I got this AP installed, but I can't get it to stay powered up. I think there's a short in the wiring or something, 'cause when this street light I'm at turned on just now, the AP powered back up. The extra jolt of electricity that turned on the street light must have "jump started" the AP. Yeah, that has to be it! Let's tell the boss that! We'll just install the rest of the AP's. They can't all be bad!"
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