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This is a sub-selection from Hey Boss...where do I plug in at?


Glen Head, NY

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reply to DMWCincy

Re: Hey Boss...where do I plug in at?

said by DMWCincy:

What I want to know is who the @#$@# approved this plan and missed such an important part of the project.
If you read the last paragraph:

AT&T didn't go through the traditional bidding and RFP process for the St. Louis deal like most WISPs or other ISPs have to. They instead lobbied a city Alderman to propose a bill that legalized the deal, under which AT&T didn't have to pay St. Louis to affix transmitters atop of city-owned light poles.
you see that AT&T decided to do an end run in order to grab the almighty dollar. Not only that but the city got nothing for the use of the poles. Now they are getting bitten in the a$$ for it and I hope the city holds them to the contract. Let them figure out how to get power to the transmitters without requiring the city to rewire the entire grid.

Serves them right for trying to do an end run. They were probably so concerned about how they could lock out every other vendor and get an exclusive contract without having to bid that they did not bother to do an engineering review and see what they were getting into. Maybe they will learn on the next city they try to hook up (or is that screw over?).
I support the right to keep and arm bears.


Saint Louis, MO
LOL thats just how things are in the city of St Louis Corrupt as all get out.