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Los Angeles, CA

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Why I left Speakeasy for Verizon and why I'm glad I did

About a year ago, I left Speakeasy for Verizon. The reason was that I had a previously perfect line go bad, and with months and months of calling and begging, it didn't get fixed.

Verizon installed a lineshare, same nominal speed (1500/384) but actually a little faster, since Verizon over-provisions. The new line has been

Slightly faster
Absolutely reliable
Half the cost.

At one point, I needed to move the Verizon DSL service from one phone line to another (due to cancelling un-needed extra phones) and they did it in a week with no hassles or loss of service.

There is no fighting with Covad, no fighting with Verizon, none of the ongoing drama I had when still with Speakeasy. I always though highly of the people at Speakeasy and their desire to help, but they were repeatedly thwarted by Covad and Verizon.

Now everybody is pulling on the same end of the rope, and the service just plain works

4 Ever Young
·Cox HSI
While I haven't anything to complain about with my service, etc., I must give you a big thumb up for writing a well worded comment rather than just leaving a rant. Possibly you already have done that, but this is one of the best manners to present things, even negative ones. You presented the negative with a positive manner. Well done!!!