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Jenks, OK
reply to Axilla

Re: Post your weather pictures here

said by Axilla:

From what I have been told by a gentlemen that does a lot of weather photography. He closes down his aperture a lot then uses an extremely long exposure time.
Great photos!

I did close down the aperture as much as I could, but it was the middle of the day and I was standing in bright sunlight shooting into the storm, so getting truly long exposures wouldn't have been possible without a filter of some sort. That's why I gave up the single shots and tried to capture lightning with the drive mode turned on, figuring that with all the lightning my eyes were seeing, a hundred exposures ought to catch *something*.

They didn't.
Ha ha haaaaaaa....ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

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Finger, Finger
Premium,MVM,Ex-Mod 2004-13
Schofield, WI

I haven't completely picked this guys brain yet so there may be more to it.

I really never have tried to capture lightening yet, but well, it does travel at the speed of light.