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Re: Optimize BitTorrent To Outwit Traffic Shaping ISPs

"What would I be looking for to see if the rst's are being sent. I have a network sniffer and saw quite a bit of action coming from Comcast and going to the port I have opened for bittorrent"

I didn't have my port open, don't use or even have BitTorrent and I saw the same thing you did. Someone posted in reply to me last weekend that I either had someone on my wireless router (sorry, there's no joy there, it's WEP and MAC filtered/restricted for that very reason) and I was seeing P2P afterglow and alas too, not the case. Instead, this was loop back traffic from a specific network router locally affected in conjunction with Comcast's filtering implementation in this area - they cleared it up this past Sunday night and I no longer have any of the issues that I had before. I might also mention that when calling Comcast last weekend, I was told by the 3 folks to whom I spoke that the call center's own network was intermittently degraded or completely down while this work was taking place.

It is no surprise that Comcast (or any other ISP/broadband provider for that matter) would be attempting to throttle excessive bandwidth consumption based on their published TOS and advertised service packages you can purchase. Sorry folks, I can also say that since this all took place, my service is better than it ever has been before - and I am glad.

To the poster who mentioned UDP - good luck. UDP is notoriously unreliable even though it's lighter and quicker and my bet is you'll have the same issues you are now and perhaps worse. Especially on Comcast's network - at least in my area, my employer wanted us use UDP as the default protocol for VPN into their network and I tested it for them from both Cox and Comcast connections. It was so bad (frequent drops, hanging out there in the ether) that the UDP "standard" idea was abandoned after 3 weeks of testing.


Boulder, CO
I just heard (from an undisclosed source) that Comcast is not throttling as much those on the higher speed package (8mbs). Not sure if this is a fact or not but curious to know if others are noticing this distinction.