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How to find my old phone number ?? Help please!

Please help

This house has had the same phone number for 50 years but we lost it when SunRocket died. My husband wouldn't switch when everything happened with Sun Rocket. When he finally paid and switched to Nuvio after they signed us up they told us they couldn't port our old CT number.We have had Nuvio for 4 weeks and don't have a working phone and have a California number. Teleblend claims they don't have our number. Numerous calls to Nuvio and Teleblend have not helped. Teleblend says they don't know who has our phone number. I just want my number back and a phone company that will work. I know a lot of this is our fault for not acting soon enough, please don't chasten me let me know if you know how I can find my phone number and find a company that will be able to take the number and port it to VOIP. Actually I will even take a regular phone company at this point as long as I can get the number back

North Royalton, OH
File a complaint with the FCC and you will see how fast you will get your number back. Nuvio, sunrocket and Teleblend know exactly what happened to your number and how to get it back to you.


Rye, NY
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Try this. Enter your number at the site below and click "check eligibility". Check the box on the next page and hit enter. This will tell which company has your number.


One you know the name of the carrier (Level 3, Global Crossing, etc.), contact them to find out the name of the VoIP company that has your number.

WA 425

Lynnwood, WA
reply to Marywithnophone
If Teleblend is telling the truth that they no longer have access to it, then it most likely reverted back to whichever is the incumbent phone company in your area. They might require you to sign up with their service to get the number back, but they probably haven't reassigned it yet, as they usually wait a few months.

Glendale, AZ

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If you are on Cox as you seem to be see if Cox can port it if they offer phone in your area. May get a good bundle.
Cox like all bigger phone companies have a real porting department that can find out where the problems is.I doubt it is that large a department but a real department that deals with stuff like this all the time. Or your local telco also. Most cell companies are the same there are people that do this all the time at larger companies. You would probably also if you asked to talk to that department get a real reason why you could not port.
The problem with larger companies is not the expertise in very specific areas of different employees. It is getting thru the first level script readers to talk with those specific departments when things go wrong. So if all goes ok great. If not make sure to go thru the script reading first level and be asked to talk with an expert in porting. That department then you will have your answers and hopefully phone number.
So yes try Cox or a telco. If it works fine. If not get thru the first level script readers to the porting, translations or whatever they will name that department.
Then if you save your number you can always port later.
If you like saving money get a basic local line for this old number. Then get a cheap throwaway VOIP line. It will be a second number with LD and mucho features. So someone can make a local call while someone else is LD or local.
Good luck,

Glendale, AZ

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Actually register here and message me. If as long as you had the number you claim as long as you have had I will find a way to help you.
good luck