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Banks, OR
reply to tmc8080

Re: cheap housing/land

said by tmc8080:

One reason for living in the boondocks is simple:
cheap land, housing and low taxes (ususally), but the "finer things in life" come at a distance premium such as cheap broadband and... Garbage collection, in many rural areas, you haul your own trash to the recycling center & dump.

Another downside.. is that your nearest fire dept, ambulance and hospital could be 45+minutes away, so if you have an extreme emergency, you may be SOL.
LOL, I wish broadband penetration was as good as that for trash collection and emergency services.

We have weekly trash pickup on our block, and the nearest fire station is just down the road. But Verizon's too busy deploying fiber to the most affluent communities in the county, and has stopped deploying DSL to anyone here.