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Chicago, IL
reply to dcdeadbeat

Re: you are all missing the point here--this is not new news

You are a lousy administrator if your Redhat servers are always getting hacked.

If your last argument is true then why is Windows the most exploited OS on the planet?

The fact is that PFSense does what your precious Sonicwall device does and MORE. I've read the reviews on the TZ190. 20 megabits throughput? Real powerful device you got there. Oh it costs over $500 with a required annual support contract of hundreds of dollars? Geez I'm SHOCKED more people aren't buying this device for their home use! They are clearly morons for not doing so!


You have no idea what you are talking about. The TZ190 does not have any required annual contracts.

And it was not Redhat that got hacked but the crappy free open-source software that got hacked. And yes eventually they get around to patching the holes. But guess what...its free so there is no motivation. There is no motivation to path or support products that don't generate income. So free program can leave you with lousy support and headaches. Just crack open the wallet and pay for quality.

But then again you are missing my point and I doubt you are actually a networking professional because if you were, you would know that $500 is a bargain for a product that works with very little config on your part.

My Windows 2003 servers have never been hacked. Why because I don't run any open-source or freeware/crapware on them.

Just for giggles, I tried your crappy PFSense. Crap, crap, crap. I won't be recommending it any of the 2,000+ clients that pay me $600/hour for consulting.

I don't work for SonicWall, nor do I think that they are the end all be all of networking devices. I use Cisco for my home networking equipment. But then not everyone wants to pay for Cisco quality. So I think other HARDWARE products like the SonicWall are good choices for people.

And again...this is not news.

Notice that you didn't even comment on my idea to bond multiple EDGE channels. Why because you are obsessed with your crappy PFSense software.

I win (as always). You loose.


If I can afford a decent firewall, I will choose SecureComputing's Sidewinder or Cyberguard.
But if I didn't have $500 and I need a firewall with Multiple-WAN, failover and load-balancing features, so I will choose PFSense.

In this case, I still win and you are loose. :P
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reply to dcdeadbeat

Make sure it works before you recommend it

Before you recommend a product, make sure it works with the Option GT Max 7.2 ! Otherwise, you are making a lot of people against the WALL with a useless box.

The MB6800 has the widest datacard support. I have tested several of similar products. Top Global is the only product works with my datacard in Korea.