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Frisco, TX

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Re: Permanent Greeting, part two

Hello Macheads, I'm the newest Machead George. Picked up my Macbook Black last night and will officially join the club tomorrow night when I'm off work and have 4 days off.

I've messed with computers since 83 working with Commodore Vic-20/64, Tandy 1000TX, worked with Windows 3.1 at work (My first experience in Windows)/95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP and since 2001 I've worked off and on with Linux running at one time Red Hat/Fedora, Ubuntu and Suse (My preference).

When I looked for laptops this weekend several thoughts were in my head: 1) Vista scared the crap out of me, I had a bad feeling about DRM/WGA and where they were headed in the future 2) My wife fell in love with the iMac, we almost purchased that instead and 3) PhoenixAZ can probably relate to this - the majority of people who were playing around with the Macs were younger people, i.e. future generations are already embracing Macs whereas older PC persons (I'm 36) were still unsure. Since it reminded me of Linux I liked it, wife thought it looked cute = Sold

I've also sent an e-mail to FakeSteveJobs notifying him that I'm now a Mac, if I'm lucky he'll reward me with a fake iphone to go with my Macbook