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[News] Comcast Clarifies Bandwidth Banning - Invisicap Revealed!

I was surprised this didn't show up yet..? IMO this is pretty big and considering our poll results below par. I was pretty sure they didn't comment on numbers but it seems wherever this is they do. New policy? Breach of policy? Who knows, all I know is 90GB isn't enough IMO. Notice that the rep did not say 90GB exactly but he did give a pretty specific example that can be translated into a rough figure. enjoy.

Stories of Comcast banning their high speed customers for excessive use have flooded the Internet this week, and many of us began to worry just how much is too much when online games are a mainstay of our existence, complimenting our interest in fully legal, fully decent movie downloads. Comcast clarified the policy a bit with GameDaily. And while we don't have exact numbers, we do know that Comcast deems "excessive use" to:

said by Charlie Douglas :
...any customer who downloads the equivalent of 30,000 songs, 250,000 pictures or 13 million emails in a month.
Given our rough computations of 3mb/song, that puts our monthly limit right around 90GB or so...which is pretty high, but not an absolutely inconceivable number to reach. So take note crazy download fiends.

Source: »kotaku.com/gaming/fine-print/com···0133.php
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Re: [News] Comcast Clarifies Bandwidth Banning - Invisicap Revea

90GB? most people who have gotten warning letters have downloaded at least 300GB
i wish qwest would die! i want FIOS!


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Or for well-encoded songs in the 5-7 MB range, 150-210 GB. Realistically, it's 300+.