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Clinton Township, MI
reply to SD6

Re: Sprint WiMAX vs. ATT

said by SD6:

said by wimaxr :

Actually, Sprint is also rolling out WiMAX to compete with DSL as well. Sprint doesn't have much last-mile landline connections and intends for WiMAX to compete with DSL, as well as to be used in mobile devices.

Good to see that AT&T hopped on WiMAX though as it helps the momentum. It's unfortunate they can't do it nationwide, which is the Sprint/Clearwire advantage.

Will be interesting to see what Verizon does. They don't have enough spectrum to rollout 4G, so may have to rely on getting some 700mhz spectrum. Even then, they'll probably only get 10-20Mhz of 700mhz spectrum for 4G while Sprint has over 100mhz of spectrum in every market. If WiMAX devices are created for the 700mhz space but EVDO is not, it would seem Verizon will have no choice but to deploy WiMAX as well. But the 700mhz space won't be available for a couple more years.
Sprint/Clearwire WiMax (Xohm) will be in major cities across the country, but will not be nationwide. It would be nice if the mobile devices that will work on Xohm (Intel chipset/Nokia tablet computer) will also work on other WiMax networks (AT&T and others).

The 700 MHZ bands will not be available soon, and creating WiMax chips for them will be difficult because they are US only.
No nation wide but over 300 million customers will have it at their door step.. I would say that's a SIGNIFICANT foot print. There are only 3 LARGE markets getting Sprints wimax 4th qtr 07, I know that Detroit (one of Sprint's largest data hungry markets) is getting in 1st qtr 08 and various other cities. The EVDO deployment approach I'm sure is the model they are using. Start in the large city's and expand out. I'm sure once WIMAX is in place and has shown to be reliable, could we be seeing some form of wireless over IP or even VoIP service from Sprint and/or AT&T? Only the "insiders" know the master plan..