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Goleta, CA

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Wrong direction from blame

Don't blame the companies, blame congress approving the patriot act which made this all possible.



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Blame is something that can go all around here. I blame the Republicans that overwhelmingly supported this bill. Only one I think descented. Likewise, I blame a large majority of Democrats who went along with this foolishness. However, at least there were SEVERAL (think 62-66 or so total in Congress) that stood against this. I applaud those. To the rest, they do not deserve a re-election With that said, I also hold the companies liable for taking advantage of this situation for their own means. Either they were paid heftily or given favors. No matter which it was, they participated in this sinister act on Americans. Hence, they should not be given immunity. Their CEOS and Board members should be jailed and lawsuits levied against each and every one of them. As for the company itself, one must think about the innocent employees. Therefore, I think all action should be taken against the rightful people, instead of putting hardworking folks out of a job. If this means the owners or majority shareholders are guilty, I say strip them of their stake in the company and toss them in jail as well.