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Big Russ, 1918 to 2008. Rest in Peace

New York, NY
reply to moonpuppy

Re: Immunity

said by moonpuppy:

As for Iraq, they continually violated UN resolutions. Should we just ignore UN resolutions?
OF COURSE WE SHOULD IGNORE THEM, HAVENT YOU LISTENED TO A THING JC100 HAS BEEN SAYING?? I mean come on, there are car crashes happening in this country!!! Who has time to worry about little things like UN resolutions while our citizens continue to have automobile accidents?




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Your wit and sarcasm make light of my argument. I am not saying ignore the problem. However, many countries violate sanctions. However, that doesn't call for war. Saddam was not being hostile to his neighbors and nor was genocide taking place again. In all respect, his evasiveness was a thorn in the U.N's side but nothing more. Hell look at Castro / Cuba, Venezuela, Sudan, and many other countries. Many countries don't follow our mandates. Should we start systematically entering every last one of them whenever they fail to agree with us? By your justification alone, we should just declare war on everyone and occupy the world. That'll work well, seeing how successful we've been in Iraq and all. Let me tell you something. It's called PICKING AND CHOOSING your battles wisely. You can't go after everyone for everything. It simply won't work. War should be a decision of last results. In the case of Iraq, war would have been justified in the 1980s to stop Saddam of genocide. Yet, twenty years later, the rationale to enter was a MISTAKE. He had no WMDS, he hadn't attacked his neighbors, and genocide had ceased. Bush just needed someone to blame for 9/11 and Iraq seemed to be the easy target. Please find me the Iraqi hijacker in 9/11. I'm still waiting. Guess what, there were none and we knew that early on. Therefore, the mess we've created in Iraq is far from being justified.

As for dealing with problems in this country, charity starts at home. Before we go and invade countries needlessly, maybe we should solve our own problems. After all, crime, car crashes, poverty, take more lives than terrorism has in this country. I said it before. We shouldn't just ignore the threat. However, STRIPPING Americans of their rights via fear mongering (terrorists out to get you) is neither a justified response either. Merely, increased airport security, barriers in front of federal buildings, and metal detectors would be more reasonable responses. NOT THE PATRIOT ACT, NSA WIRETAPPING, and an overzealous government hell bent on destroying the foundation of this country!