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Glen Burnie, MD
reply to jc10098

Re: Immunity

said by jc10098:

An overstatement is not an inaccuracy. Its simply an overstatement. It doesn't make my point any less valid that three Republicans versus 64 Democrats voted against it. Tit for tatt. You sound like a baby whining on semantics. Either way, MOST OF THE REPUBLICANS, voted to STRIP AMERICANS of our rights. IE. Republicans obviously do not Cherish America. What happened to small government. We have more to fear from the Republican Right and A Sizeable portion of Democrats voting for this Molarchy than we do the terrorists. It's the Republican right who have sold our rights away on a fictitious sense that terrorists are out to get us, just like the big bad boogy man.
Backpeddle boy, backpeddle. Overstatement = inaccuracy.

If the Democrats can't control Congress then why did they say they were going to clean things up?

said by jc10098:

That's because the Republicans aren't letting legislation pass. More or less the hatred for Republicans put the Democrats in office. Unfortunately, those stay the course Republicans would rather see our boys die, than come up with a real plan. They had four years of TOTAL control to do so. Guess what, they offered us NOTHING but more problems and heartaches. America is FED UP NOTHING is being accomplished. It's by no fault of the Democrats now who are trying, but having their plans rejected by the IGNORANCE of the Republican Party not wanting a solution.
Again, the Democrats are just as bad if not worse for the political BS they spoon fed you and the rest of the moveon.org idiots.

said by jc10098:

As for LESSOP. I thought you meant this post. I'm not going to respond to his timeline. You can tell me what you wish, but that timeline doesn't prove much at all. Muslims havent murdered around 10 million people historically.

Millions of Muslims dead during the Crusades.

Millions dead during the Spanish Inquisition. That same rhetoric you're tossing out now. Convert or Die.
Millions during the Spanish Inquisition? Care to back that up with facts or are you trying to shovel more BS.

said by jc10098:

Six million Dead During the Holocaust. Hitler, the Methodist, and Catholic Church Per perpetrated this.

Last, but not least, 100-200,000 Dead to to Christians in Bosnia.

So TERRORIST, which mantra do you follow? A hatred for your fellow man and people different than yourselves. Obviously, Christians love thy neighbor so much, that they just kill them. Or do we go with the logic of Christians overwhelming tolerance for Gays and Blacks historically? We're not even factoring in the deaths and hate crimes committed there. I know, we'll right you off as a Bigot and Terrorist along with your buddy Lesop. After all, if all Muslims are Terrorists, then so are ALL Christians. His timeline didn't even pale to the MURDEROUS history of your religion. POINT AND MATCH!!! Case CLOSED!

And the same argument you push for Christianity applies to Muslims too (since you love to paint with a broad brush.)

Iranian Revolution where hundreds were executed for not being Muslim enough. Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Technology is bad, music is bad, alcohol is bad, uncovered women should be stoned.....the list goes on.

That glass house of yours must have a lot of broken windows.



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Backpeddle? NO. Correct an overstatement yes. I can admit I misquoted. However, a mistatement where the numbers are close is not a real fallacy. 0 or three. Tit for TATT. It's a very MINIMAL number.

"If the Democrats can't control Congress then why did they say they were going to clean things up?"

I said they are TRYING. I didn't say they are succeeding. Why aren't they? Their bills are being defeated by Anti-America Republicans who wish to see more of our boys die, yet offer no real solutions themselves. In the four years of 100 percent control, what solutions did they bring us? Please tell me how Iraq is solved and we're not there. Bush was the Hero of the day, and everything ended peachy. O wait, Bush said stayed the course, the Republican Rubber Stamp congress didn't solve anything, and we're still in a quagmire. All the time, Democrats are at least making an effort. This effort is of course being shot down by those same Republicans.

"Millions during the Spanish Inquisition? Care to back that up with facts or are you trying to shovel more BS."

Unfortunately, there are no hard numbers. Records didn't exist. All that can be proven is large numbers of people fled. My guess would be hundred of thousands, maybe more. Once again, records don't exist that validate much. However, look at any genocide and one can easily see millions flee when they occur. To assume the same didn't happen would be naive. Here's one take on the genocide of the Inquisition.


More information follows below. Most was gathered from various places.

Some predict 150,000 Trials took place, of which some led to death. There are no real numbers of who died as a result. Let's not forget, when you factor those killed as a result of the war, you must factor in deaths of refugees. This is something their estimates do not.... The number is in the air. The one article claims 3-4 percent of 150,000 died directly (5000), yet no hard evidence is offered. Frankly, no one knows since records sucked. For all you and I can argue, every one of those people could have died, and it can't be disproven. On the other hand, the low numbers could be right. Its impossible to settle on a figure. Either way, my argument stands even if not millions, probably 10s of thousands up to maybe 100,000 or more when you factor in the refugees who probably fled and fell victim to the ailments. This is a valid assessment, as today when war refugees flee, the factor them in to the death toll.

Finally, I stated bad behavior is bad behavior. What makes you a Terrorist also makes those who support Muslim Fanaticism one. Obviously, your steadfast belief in Christianity and it's bad deeds, also applies to all. Since you are hardline defending the back actions of the church, you are no different than the radical Muslims defending suicide bombings. I did state this. You just can't read.