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Glen Burnie, MD
reply to jc10098

Re: Immunity

said by jc10098:

Apologies for what enemies? The Christians who have Murdered around 7 or so Million people this very century. I should consider all Christians to be terrorists by your rationale. After all, the Methodist and Catholic Church sponsored a Catholic Named Hitler with the Holocaust.
Show me where the Methodists supported Hitler.

If anything, he was Catholic by birth but Germany was very Lutheran and it is also known Hitler was into mystical Nordic symbols moreso than the church.

Post proof.


Very happy to OBLIGE:

Methodist Bishop John L. Nelsen toured the U.S. on Hitler's behalf to protect his church, but in private letters indicated that he feared or hated Nazism, and so retired to Switzerland. Methodist Bishop F. H. Otto Melle took a far more collaborationist position that included apparently sincere support for Nazism. He felt that serving the Reich was both a patriotic duty and a means of advancement

»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazism_and ··· Religion

A Colleaugial Paper / Scholarly work talking about the Baptist and Methodist Influence.

Concerned, Nazi officials sought for effective means to influence foreign public opinion. Since foreigners distrusted the German media, controlled as it was by the Propaganda Ministry, it was of limited impact. The most effective way was to shape foreign public opinion from within. And so it was that Nazi authorities discovered that Methodists and Baptists, while insignificantly small in Germany , were major denominations in the Anglo-Saxon world and offered their best chance in those countries provided their German leaders could be enlisted in the Nazi cause.

»www.wallawalla.edu/index.php?id= ··· p?id=801

..... Research, it's such a pain in the you know what. But having it, makes you feel all the better knowing you proved a Closed Minded follower of Terrorism Wrong.....