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reply to moonpuppy

Re: Immunity

Moon seems to be skipping the other points he's been proven wrong on and trying to save grace. Isn't this cute. Well that's fine and dandy you have the education to read the fine print. Are you trying to suggest that all people in this country are highly educated? (though I beg this applies to you beyond simple reading skills). After all, we still have a large portion of this country who are poor and lack the education for one reason or another. Welfare Statistics (last time I checked).. Stated 30 percent of Whites and 38 percent of blacks (13 million I think in this country), are on welfare. Let's not forget those whites that live in Appalachia and similar areas, who are dirt poor as well. Now, imagine these people working their whole lives, and saving up maybe ten thousand dollars. They decide they want to own a home and go to the bank. The bank, knowing these people speak unintelligently or do not have all the knowledge your normal citizen has, offers them a chance to go about this. There's one catch, interest goes up but that's not a problem. See, the markets been great so when your rate fixes in five years, you shouldn't have to worry about a thing. Look at this graph of historical trends. You have nothing to fear. Trust me, I am your friendly banker. For those of us with education, we read the fine print. It'd be a cold day in hell that I walk up to a car dealer, let alone a bank, and just sign my name. Yet, this simply is not always the case with those who you can easily "lead" into bad decisions. This is not to say those people do not share fault in the decision. I am merely saying your assumption everyone is as educated and intelligent is just that. Hence, we all know what they say about assumptions, don't we. You have made several during our arguments and each time, I have to prove you wrong. So let's not go making blanket statements about how everyone of these people are total idiots. Education goes a long way, and those who lack it, are often the one's who get the short end in life. It's why HITLER (remember our argument) killed those with the education first. They are less apt to question. The same goes for these people (working poor, Appalachian, minorities). Hence, they ended up taking risky deals they couldn't pay back. Blame goes all around here, and that includes this administration. Instead of act when they saw a trend developing and put a stop to it, they let it boil over to the point we see now. So yes, Bush is at fault, the banks are at fault, and the people who took the money share some of it too.