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Re: [Rant] United Way Day of Caring

I know someone who used to work with them and she told me some stories that prevent me from ever giving them another dime of my money or a second of my time. Ever. I would encourage you to do the same. There are far more charitable charities out there. This is based on what she told me, and only one geographical area, so it may not apply everywhere.

The United Way is not a single charity, but a group of charities with territories (usually a large city). Each one is run more or less independently. It's more like a business wrapped in a non-profit.

Also, the United Way doesn't really do charitable acts (at least the one I'm familiar with) so much as they help other charities. They're kind of a catch-all charity and distribute money to those actually helping out. Think of them as a middle man or wholesaler of charitable donations.

The United Way does some good, don't get me wrong. They indirectly help a lot of people in need. Unfortunately, they also have a lot of administrative costs, which means less of your dollar makes it to those who deserve it. Remember, it's run like a business.

Another aspect of them I don't like is the corporate tie-ins. They usually find a manger or C-level executive of a local company, like a phone company, utility, etc. and appoint them "president" for a year. Woe unto you if you work for that company, because magically "The United Way" is now a charity that you can donate to right on your paycheck with a convenient deduction. Why woe? Well ... it's "completely voluntary", of course. But it's more of a mandated voluntary thing if you know what I mean. So now the employees of a company are being, um, cajoled into donating. This is a huge win for the United Way, a PR boost for the company and the only people it costs anything are the workers.

(Better yet, find a few of the charities the United Way helps out in your area and donate directly to them. Bypass the middle man!)