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reply to tglea

Re: another good thread to bash the U.S.A

said by tglea:

Anyone who knows anything about construction knows that the labor costs far exceed the cost of materials.
And anyone who knows anything about maintaining large networks knows the cost of acquisition is trivial compared to the TCO over time.

Bottom line is, we're not offered 100 Mbps because providers know "they don't have to".

We kick and scream about speeds, point our fingers at how the rest of the world is eating our broadband shorts, then we shut up and pay the $49 for sub-10M service each month.

If there was a large-scale movement in America where internet users went "on strike", cancelling their DSL and cable-internet services by the millions and going back to dialup until we were offered 50 Mbps symmetrical for $49/mo., I would absolutely participate.

But I know that will never happen. We've become a society that will bitterly complain about being fed sewage, yet happily swallow it rather than fighting it.