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Lompoc, CA

Westell E90-610015-06 Verizon and Linksys wrt54g- success!

Apparently, the E90-610015-06 is for Verizon only and is slightly different than the FAQ and Verzion support. I spent a long time on tech support. But I could not replicate their solution. I got the westell modem and linksys to be visible and the Linksys does the DHCP.

This is what I did. YMMV

1. Hardware reset of Linksys and Westell
2. Plug directly into Westell modem
3. Run Verizon CD to install modem and go onto network
4. Log onto Westell with new name and password
5. Go to advanced.->private Lan-> uncheck box “Private LAN DHCP Enable”
6. My Network: copy down MAC address 01:23:23:45:ee:ab (may use later)
7. After check network connection. Turn off.

1. Plug Ethernet directly into Linksys.
2. Turn on Linksys.
3. Setup->MAC address clone-> enter in Westell number (this step MAY not be necessary)
4. Basic setup
Internet connection type: Static
Internet IP address:
DNS: Whatever

Local IP Address:
Subnet mask:
DHCP server “Enable”

Now power down. Plug an ethernet cable between the Linksys "wan" or internet port and the Westell modem.
Power up. (westell first, Linksys second, computer third).
Check it out. Log onto and the web.

I documented the steps for my own reference.