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michigan and its interesting places

My family and I, we are planning of visiting Michigan…..well, we stay in Utah. Can anyone please tell us about the interesting places that are found there? Moreover, can anyone tell us about the available pharmacies found in the various cities? I want to take all the necessary precautions……you know anything can happen during our stay. I have found a directory on page » ··· acy.aspx but I feel that the information is not enough.


Oxford, MI
What parts of the state are you headed to? What cities?

As for pharmacies, Rite Aid is probably the largest chain here. CVS and Walgreens are both well represented too.

If you are in the Detroit area, and into industrial stuff, the Henry Ford museum, Greenfield Village, and Rouge Factory tour are very neat. I went to Wayne State and bought the year pass, as I was always in the area, and I still did not see all that is in there. »

I'd also recommend the Detroit Institute of Arts, and see the Diego Rivera Murals, Detroit Industry, they are iconic for Detroit. But the DIA is closed until November... » ··· id=58537

Post back with what cities you are headed to, and I will probably have other suggestions.

The sooner we get behind schedule, the more time we have to catch up.

Waterford, MI
reply to stella
Pharmacies are always high on the list of hotspots when taking a short trip. Oh, you wanted us to see this lame site you posted? Mission accomplished I guess.....