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ha ha, charade you are
Premium,Ex-Mod 06-11
Atlanta, GA

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Forum Rules and Guidelines: Updated, please read.

The basics:

Have fun!

Have fun while acting like an adult.

Have fun while respecting the Term of Service of the Site.

Respect games in-play by NOT POSTING to them unless you are playing or hosting the game.

Game Guidelines:

Any game is acceptable as long as it can be played in-forum, is hosted by a game mod, and has an end-game. See FAQ

Any one can host a game. It is their responsibility to run the game to it's completion. See FAQ

Mods, and Mods:

Site/Forum Mods are chartered to enforce the site TOS. It is not their role to enforce game rules.

Game mods enforce the rules of the game(s) they are hosting. They do not enforce Site TOS.

More on Game Mods:

Game Mods are autonomous. They decide the game, the rules, and even the players.

Some game Mods may use off-site forums for some game. These are beyond the control of this Site. Use common sense when using off-site forums.

Restricted players

At times there will be post holds, either due to volume due to activity, or by moderator action. It is acceptable to question who is being held, as it game impacting. Discussion as to 'why' are subject to site TOS, and will be deleted.

These rules and guidelines are subject to change.