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Dallas, TX

nothing really good

the problem with all those services, be it Joost or VeohTV or whatever is that there is nothing good being offered. The things you can watch there you can either get from file sharing or by turning on regular tv. Then there's those channels nobody needs with useless clips they might as well just post on YouTube. Soon you'll have channels like "Men with black eye news" or "Favorite 50s songs played by 10 year olds on a harmonica"... seriously, what good is 100+ channels if most of them are useless...

Most users would rather be able to watch live television over the internet like programming from their home country if they live in another country now. That, however, is always made impossible due to the way media rights are handled. Look at Zattoo, you can only watch the channels that you can watch anyway on tv in the country where you reside (if at that).

No, until they make more live tv programming available and do it on a true global scale, all those P2P etc. internet television providers will stay tiny or vanish.

Carnegie, PA

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"If you're really eager to push your ISP's bandwidth caps,"

Caps? we dont need no steenkin CAPS! lol

installed joost on my xp sp2 setup here, works almost flawlessly except for a few xml errors.. man do they have a lot of content up.. This could really come in handy to kill time at work

will i pay for it, naaaa. looks good though.