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Newport, KY

DVR anyone???

I just don't get why anyone would pirate a TV show. I have 3 DVR's in my house and I LEGALLY record what I want to watch. I am sure that NBC still considers this theft but the law says that I can do it.

Why in the world would anyone wait to download a crappy file off of the intertubes when you can get a great, high quality copy legally and for FREE.

I guess I am retarded because I actually buy movies, some music (subscribe to XM and Sirius so I don't buy much) and I even buy DVD sets for a couple of TV shows. To me, downloading TV shows from some torrent is ignorant.


Chicago, IL

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That's just the point. NBC CONSIDERS IT THEFT. That's what this entire scenario is all about. NBC, which broadcasts it's shows for FREE, considers the DVR to be theft. NBC, which broadcasts for FREE, considers downloading a torrent of said show to be theft.

The problem isn't with your DVR. The problem isn't with downloading a torrent. The problem is that NBC has LOST CONTROL. That's what they are bitching about. IF NBC had it their way, you wouldn't be able to record a show. If NBC had it their way, you wouldn't be able to use the bathroom while watching TV shows.

This is a control issue. The problem NBC has run into, is that MANY consumers have realized (like yourself), that they can use technology to view the TV show on THEIR terms, not on NBC's terms. That' scares them, that's why they make up outrageous numbers. They want to CONTROL what you watch, WHEN you watch it, HOW you watch it, and they want to be able to CHARGE you to watch it again. That's their ultimate goal. Charge you EVERY TIME you see it. No DVD's. Just DRM released shows that expire 1 hour after you watch it. You won't be able to OWN anything, you can only RENT it, and pay for it over and over again.
Stick it to the MAN. Support your local torrent sites. Proudly providing 100mb of upstream for all your TV, Movie, and MP3 needs.

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reply to dualsub2006
Just wanted to make a quick point:

Why do you refer to "crappy file off of the intertubes"...You can get torrents of tv shows in 720p which is HD quality...not crappy at all.

Another point:

I dont own a TV, nonetheless a DVR...Im just a college student so I get my shows with torrents. The Office, Prison Break, My Name Is Earl, Lost, Cops. Thats it I think.


Denton, TX

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Word. I cancelled my Charter cable a few weeks ago and I've been surviving just fine w/o commercials via BitTorrent in HD... most 720p... and regular ol' HD via bunny-ear antenna. Obviously this guy is searching the wrong BT trackers for videos... or using BearShare/Limewire.

Most TV shows are available on quality, private trackers the same night. The Daily Show and Colbert Report just an hour after the show airs.

Marx is right. I can watch whatever I want to watch whenever I want to watch on my own terms. NBC and other networks are just middlemen who must adapt or just keep acting like morons and sue their way out of the problem which will NOT work and cause their own demise in the coming years.

I, on the other hand, am perfectly happy to pay for (for example) Showtime, who produce original programming which I like. I don't *have* to pay for it, I could get it for free, but I want to throw them some money so they'll keep making the stuff I like.

That's the only remaining sustainable business model: make people like your product enough that they *want* to give you money. Bands can now make more money giving away their albums on the Internet and asking for donations, than they can by getting a record contract. The RIAA/MPAA model of *forcing* people to give them money in order to watch their material is permanently dead; they just haven't noticed yet.