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Limington, ME
reply to vanDSLuser

Re: High movie theater prices hurt corn farmers more than piracy

said by vanDSLuser:

The ironic thing, the farmer likely get a similar amount for the crop either way. I don't think the farmer is getting a better price for theater corn.
Not to mention the fact of subsidies and ehtanol is keeping their prices high. So in fact, this is not hurting the corn farmer at all, but the theater owner who makes nary a profit from the movie but the selling of concessions.

As for the Piracy. How many people have watched a TV Show and saw a commercial and had to go out and buy that product?

Personally, I think NBC should be more concerned about putting on high quality shows that are intelligent and are not dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. The money they make off of Deal or No Deal makes up for any so called piracy they may encounter.

There is a reason that shows on FX, HBO, Sho, TNT, etc are winning awards.

from Vancouver 2010
White Rock, BC
Agreed on the corn. It's one of the reasons I don't go to theaters. I don't want to pay $10 to listen to some stupid kid's cellphone conversation and have gum on the seats. I've got a nice big HDTV and 5.1 at home - and I can pause it whenever.

As for the tv front it would help a lot if they made it really simple to access the shows. Trying to jack the prices on iTunes was the stupidest mistake NBC could have made. DRM is up there, make it easy for people to watch legal content, and they will.

I don't mind the odd ad on Joost if they're short (ie, under 10s at a time, max 3 per hour of tv), not annoying and don't repeat the same stupid ad 50 trillion times.

NBC wants to stop piracy - when you leave people no choice, stop trying to pass the buck and blame everyone else. Your total lack of business intelligence is not my problem. Why should I pay for your stupidity? I don't watch much tv - what I do is usually from Joost or other legal sources. Why should I have to use my CPU cycles for your mistakes.