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West Tenness
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Re: U.S. economy loses $58 billion from piracy every year.

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Random number generator?
Surely you are not suggesting that priratng cost businesses NOTHING?
Who cares what it costs businesses. These idiots are in an arena where they are obviously out classed. If it can be done it will be done period. What about the money businesses are costing families? With no congressional oversite on health care..the sub prime mortgage screw ups, which buy the way the middle class will be bailing out and so on. F'k em I screw em every chance I get
So you're the "cut your nose to spite you face" kind of guy huh? Yes screw big business which only provide the JOBS that provide Americans with the moeny they need to live. Real fricken smart. I am assuming you know what a JOB is.
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reply to 88615298

Re: U.S. economy loses $58 billion from piracy every year.

Small businesses create the jobs that provide Americans with the money they need to live. Big businesses just fuck that up.
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