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BlueRidgeCable's PTD Cable service 15/2 VERY SLOW DOWNLOAD!!

I like in the Etters area where blueridgecable carries PTD's internet and they just recently put an increase on the speeds to 15down/2up due to my original speeds being a bit slow I did the special deal and got it. Well upload is very steady around 1.8-1.9 however download has been VERY bad, in the evenings im lucky if i can get 2mb down which is slower than their lowest advertised speed ..... and when no one is on the cable for instance in the mornings or during the day im still lucky if i get 3-4 mb down which is below half of what im paying for... VERY disapointing.

FYI: Techs have been out 2 times and finially told me that it wasent a problem with my house wiring or my computer / modem and was due to caps at the office thus slowing everybody down and has been going on for quite sometime now.

If and when blueridgecable fix's this they will be the best isp around and have my 2 thumbs up however if not fixed soon I feel im going to have to switch to some other isp fore their service at times is just unbareable.


Gouldsboro, PA
My 15/2 plan while not as bad as yours has been getting me 7-8 down lately..I was getting 13-13.5 before......
Not sure whats up,but I hope they sort it out soon.

reply to Patricx
We are in the lewisberry area and have been having the same problems with Blue Ridge, our upload is around 1 and the download has been pretty slow around 4 MB. We have a 15mb/2mb service and where only receiving a faction of what we are paying for, very disapointing for us as well.